Monday, September 22, 2008

Week 2

Hey guys,

How are you going? Bet you thought I'd forgotten about the Mermaids??? Not a chance. Weekend was tough though - there are so many ways to sabotage the diet don't you think? Anyway I'm back on track on Monday. I've been a bit slack in writing everything down so I must get back into that. I think it's the best way to keep me on track.

Exercise has had to take a back seat since Saturday. The kids were all sick last week. I had Connor and Olivia ill from Saturday - Connor went back to school on Tuesday. Then I had to take off work on Wednesday to look after both Olivia and Harry. The little darlings have then passed their little flu virus onto me. I'm off sick today and have spent most of the morning in bed. I feel like shit. I went for a walk on Saturday but was so weazy and tight in the chest when I got back that I figured I'm better off getting better before resuming the exercise.

Despite all this, I have managed to lose some weight. 1.2kgs and counting (I was down a bit again this morning, but I think that's the illness - I'm not eating as much as usual).

So don't forget to post your results up here too. This blog is for all of us to share.

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